We repair all Kids Ride on Electric Bikes and Cars , i.e.

24V Pocket/Dirt Bike, 36V Pocket/Dirt Bike, 49 CC Petrol Pocket/Dirt Bikes

6V/12V Ride on Bike, 6V/12V Ride on Car etc

Generally speaking Kids Electric Vehicles are free from regular maintenance, however the periodic maintenance needs to be done for the wear and tear and damages. There are are majorly 3 parts which are the soul of an electric vehicle.

  1. Battery
  2. Motor
  3. Controller

If you take good care of these vital parts, then you will NOT face any major problems with your kids ride on vehicle.

We stock all the spares hence generally handover the kids ride on vehicle on the same day after repairs from our experts. However in certain cases if there is any major work needs to be one, then it may take longer time.






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