Kids 49 CC Petrol Dirt Bike (Black, 5-15 Years, VIH050)

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Petrol 49cc dirt bike specifications. Package dimensions – 24 kgs, height 52, length 112, width 29 cms product dimensions – 18 kgs, height 68, length 110, width 25 cms engine: 49cc, air-cooled, single cylinder 2-stroke, pull start max power: 2kw/700rpm brakes(Front/Rear): all disc brakes absorber (rear): spring absorber tire(front/rear): 2. 5 x 10 rubber tire drive train: chain fuel capacity: 1. 5l seat height: 65 cmx ground clearance: 18 cm max speed: 30km/h max load capacity: 65 kgs milage: 35 kmpl this vehicle is under category of ‘off road vehicles’ for kids.

The Delivery will be to the nearest Volvo / Bus station or Railway Station.

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Kids 49 CC Petrol Dirt Bike (Black, 5-15 Years, VIH050)

Petrol 49cc Dirt Bike Specifications

Product Dimensions – 23 kgs, Height 73, Length 110, Width 25 cms
Engine: 49cc, air-cooled, single cylinder 2-stroke, Pull start
Max power: 2kw/700rpm
Brakes(Front/Rear): All disc Brakes
Absorber (rear): Spring absorber
Tire(front/rear): 2.5 X 10 Rubber Tire with Tube
Drive train: Chain
Fuel capacity: 1L
Seat height: 65 CMS
Ground clearance: 18CM
Max speed: 35km/h
Max load capacity: 65 kgs

This Vehicle is Under Category of ‘OFF Road Vehicles’ for Kids *
The buyer needs to attach the Handle. Vehicle will come in 95% assembled condition.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 110 x 27 x 50 cm


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