One needs to understand that the weight of Kid is a deciding factor to go for Best 2019 Kids Cars.

  • This Ride on Jeep is Suitable for Kids of age 2 to 7 Years and can Carry Weight up to 30 Kgs.
  • This Jeep has Spring Suspension System which allows Kid to Have a Comfortable Ride on Any Surface.
  • Kid can Ride 30 mins Continuously while Listening Music after Full Charge.
  • This Jeep is Equipped with 12V Rechargeable Battery and Double Motor which Makes Jeep to Run at 4-5km/hr.
  • Includes Start Button, Music System (Compatible with Aux, Pen drive) . Working Front and Back Lights
  • Swing Option
  • Two Modes of Operation: Kids can ride this Jeep Manually and Parents can also Control it through
  • Bluetooth Remote, you can control car up to 40-50 meters range
  1. Why we should select only this car when there are many 12V cars available.
    • Ans. Well you can select any car which has same features as this.
  2. Why we should go for Bluetooth remote over RF/Antenna remote.
    • Ans. Bluetooth remote has 40-50 meters range whereas RF/Antenna remote has 15-20 meters range
  3. What is the use of double Motor.
    • Ans. It gives sufficient pickup so you can use it for many years. Your kids weight will be increasing always anyways.
  4. What other factors should be considered while buying Kids car.
    • Let’s understand first that 80% kids car we buy from market are manufactured in China. These cars usually doesn’t have any warranty or guarantee.
    • Hence we need to understand that the vital spares of these cars i.e. Gearbox, DC Controller and Remote are available in local market.

Best 2019 Kids Cars – 12V