48V Electric Scooter Charger

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1. 48V E-Scooter charger. 2. Works for all batteries between 20AH to 33 AH. The charging time varies as AH rating increases. 3. Continuous output of 48V at 2.5 A rated current output. 6 Months warranty Technical Specifications48V, 2.5A Electrical Characteristics Input Voltage170 – 300V AC Output Voltage-Boost mode56V DC Output Voltage-Float mode53.6V DC Charging Current-Boost mode2.5A Leakage Current @230 V ac < 2mA Line regulation< 1% Load regulation< 1% Ripple content150mV p-p Dielectric strength Between Input & Output2kV AC Between Input & Earth1.5kV AC Between Output & Earth1.5kV AC Protections In rush currentLimited by NTC Thermistor Over voltage at InputShut down above 300V AC Under voltage at Input Cutoff at140V AC. Cut in at 160V AC Over voltage at Output59V Short circuit at OutputProtected Overload at OutputProtected Reverse polarity of BatteryProtected Over voltage due to external sourceProtected Other Features Indications Charging ON, Mains ON Mechanical Dimensions W x D x H160 x 90 x 60 MountingTable top mounting Approx. Weight500 g Environmental Operating Temperature0 – 50 Deg.C Operating Relative Humidity0 – 80% Max. Vibrations10 – 500Hz 2G-10 min. / 1 Cycle 60 min. along all three axes

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